Auburn vs. Georgia 2008

"Ball, ball, ball,....."Annabelle and I

AB went to her first Auburn game last weekend. It was a pretty good game even though we did not pull out the win! I braved taking her alone since Brian was not able to go with us. She had a great time and lasted through half time. She enjoyed watching the Georgia band and pointing on the field as she said "ball" over and over again. I think the most fun she had though was running around the stadium concourse when we took a bathroom break! She was so tired of sitting still! Trying to keep her still during the game was difficult! She sat in my lap and wiggled and kicked the poor man in front of us at least a thousand times! It was so crowded in our section! Maybe next year will be a little easier! WAR EAGLE!

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Everyday with the Edwards said...

Oh wow, you were brave!