December 19th? Really?!

December really has went by in a flash! It seems like just yesterday I was thinking to myself,"I really should post the pictures from Thanksgiving.......", and we see that I still have not done that! We have been really busy! I love the holiday season and it is so much fun with sweet Annabelle, but I feel as if I can never get it all done! I have to take time each day to tell myself to slow down and just enjoy the season-but that is so easy to say and so hard to live! Today is the last day of school until next year. Most of you know that Brian and I both teach elementary school, so we get a great, well deserved two week break. I am very excited about spending time with family and friends. I have not even started shopping! I have so much to do and only 7 days to get it done(I have made a list-lets just hope all my ideas pan out)! I did get my Christmas cards out this year-Yeah! Last year I had to send New Years cards due to my procrastination. I am going to share some pictures of December and of Thanksgiving since I have failed to do so......

I want to take just a minute to admit-I AM A BLOG STALKER! I have a couple (just 3) of blogs that I check often-but no, I do not know these people! So that makes me a stalker! There is one blog in particular that teaches me so many cute ideas! This lady is super-woman! Not only does she have time to do all this stuff-but she also shares with the world! I love it! Thanks so much, Darby! She has taught me how to make eyelet socks, bows, appliqued shirts and her newest trick-labels! Summer and I decided that we would have a craft night once a month-since the hubby's have decided that they need to go camping once a month! Here is a picture of the shirt I made Annabelle using her tutorial for appliques. Summer also made Winsley a cute turkey shirt and some dish towels. The possibilities are endless!
Turkey Shirt

Thanksgiving 2008 I made these cute little pilgrim hats for Annabelle's friends at Mrs.Amanda's house and for the 1st grade feast. They were a hit with the kids and so easy!

A little Christmas cheer....
Our December "craft night" turned into a night out! We got a sitter and went out for a great dinner and some downtown fun! I always have such a great time with these gals! A randomn little Elf jumped in our picture!
Annabelle went to a great cookie decorating party hosted by the Galimore's. She really enjoyed herself and has been asking for "cookties" ever since. Thanks Jenny for a great afternoon-you are such a fun and crafty mommy!I wish I had more pictures-BUT, I had my hands full!
Annabelle in full concentration

Sweet Riley and Annabelle
Handsome Barrett
More updating to come soon....... Hopefully!

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annieck said...

Ok, first off...LOVED the Christmas card! Thank you SO much for sending me one. Totally made my day seeing that sweet little Annabelle!!!
I, still, haven't done cards. Doesn't look like I'll have time to get them done. My first year! :(
Next up...how crafty are you?! I need to learn some of these tricks! What you made is PRECIOUS!
I so enjoyed seeing all your pictures. :)

The Dyer Family said...

I'm getting in on craft night!!!
and i'm just not having much to say in the blogging world - unless people want to hear me complain about being pregnant. i have PLENTY to say about that. i'm sure i'll have something to blog about soon. hope you're well. love- k

Everyday with the Edwards said...

Look at you, Miss Crafty Mama! I love your shirts!!! I made Parker a shirt with a P on it and it turned out ok, but not nearly as cute as yours! I am impressed!!!